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  • Our Picks For The Best Electronic Cigarettes Of 2014

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    There are just a ton of electronic cigarette brands, and more companies keep sprouting up than we can count. We’ve reviewed hundreds of brands and vape shops, and have created this page with reviews, and our recommendations of the best products available.

    This is an insane time in this industry, as it has enjoyed exploding popularity, and we the consumers reap the benefits as various companies compete with each other, offering the best possible products, prices and service they can, to keep us happy :)

    We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best e-cig on the planet, going through hundreds of sites, looking at reviews, company websites, and most importantly, buying and trying out all the products we can get our hands on.

    We have a team of three people, all of us love vaping (electronic smoking), and at the same time, we all have our own taste, which we hope will offer value to our readers, as everyone has different taste.

    Now, as far as who is the best, there are typically two main categories of electronic cigarettes. You have the standard sized mini cig, which resembles an actual cigarette, and then there are advanced vaporizers, which are typically what people move to once they have enjoyed vaping on a standard 2 piece e-cig, and want something with more power, which lasts longer.

    For Newbs:

    Our top pick for mini cigs is V2.

    Read our full V2 Cigs review


    Our favorite advanced personal vaporizers are from a company called Vapor Zone.

    Read our full VaporZone review

    Of course, no matter which vapor cigarette brand you choose, you should know about the obvious benefits of switching to an electronic experience in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

    Electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative for traditional cigarettes as they do not contain a plethora of harmful chemicals. The atomizer, which is one of the most important components’s of an electronic cigarette, heats the e-liquid and produces vapors. Hence, users fulfill their nicotine craving without having to burn tobacco. Users of electronic cigarettes have stated that these devices have helped them control their nicotine consumption. Some users have even stated that they have successfully quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. Nevertheless, health advocates are raising their voice against these devices as they claim them to be harmful.

    A Healthier Alternative 

    Vapor Zone Pens

    The Vapor Zone brand launched in late 2013 and is already a leading e-cig brand.

    Compared to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have a less harmful impact on smokers’ health as they do not contain deadly chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde and acetone. These devices only contain nicotine which is inhaled in the form of vapors. Furthermore, they do not produce any smell and Oder.

    Advantages for Passive Smokers 

    As electronic cigarettes do not emit any kind of smoke, they can be used in public places. These devices can even be used at places where smoking is banned. Moreover, users of electronic cigarettes don’t have to worry about the effects of these devices on kids. The vapors, which are exhaled by the smoker, vanish in the air within seconds.

    Storage and use 

    In order to use an electronic cigarette you do not need to have a lighter and an ashtray. These devices are powered by a battery which is rechargeable. Once you have used the device, you can easily keep it in your pocket. Moreover, these devices are extremely easy to use and maintain.


    E Cigarette Cost

    Not only are e-cigs a less wasteful alternative, they can also save users a lot of money!

    When it comes to costs, these devices are less costly than traditional cigarettes in the long run. As these devices are not yet regulated by the government, the tax on tobacco is not applicable on them. You will also save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on purchasing lighters, ashtrays and matches.

    Again, there are 1,000′s of companies with very unique offerings that appeal to different people for different reasons. Our site aims at being the top resource for reviews, advice, commentary, and thoughts on every type of brand, style, and price point.

    Check back often as we come across new products and always like to share our experiences.

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  • Best Portable & Desktop Vaporizers

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    The market for vaporizers is becoming heavy with excellent choices. Variety and quality abound, so if you wondered where the choices were five years ago, today you might wish there weren’t so many. In fact, how are you going to choose just one, or will you select just a single machine? There is at least one good reason to own two vaporizers.

    Portable vs. Tabletop

    You want a vaporizer to perform, but the highest-performing units are too big to carry in your pocket, so portability is important too. Rather than compromise, own one of each. A lot of people use their box mod or electric candle at home and take a handheld or even pen-style vaporizer to work or carry it when they travel.

    Features of Tabletop Vaporizers

    There are three types of vapor delivery: whip style, whip style with assisted air, and forced air. A fourth variety works with the whip style: hands-free vaporizing. In this case, you literally don’t have to do anything but puff, but forced air devices will need a hands-on approach.

    In particular, a balloon delivery method requires two hands with which to grab the balloon. A balloon is attached to the top of your vaporizer. It fills up with vapor, then you remove it. Take your time inhaling vapor as it escapes or pass it around to friends. This is an enjoyable and easy method of sharing vapor.

    Whip delivery requires more puffing which can be hard on the lungs. Consider how many vaporizer consumers were smokers, and also the number of people who use aromatherapy materials to relieve symptoms of lung problems: they need some help. For them, the balloon method is great, but puffing is preferable to others.

    Forced air is noisy. A fan inside the unit whirs away constantly to push vapor upward, and it’s not to everyone liking. Puffing on vapor is completely silent.

    The best vaporizers on the market are also expensive units. A Volcano by Storz and Bickel costs anywhere from $400 to over $500 depending on whether you select analog or digital controls. A Silver Surfer by 7th Floor costs over $200 before you customize it. Arizer is another popular brand from Canada with multiple sleek options.

    Features of Portable Vaporizers

    These travel models might also be just the size of your hand. They aren’t just light: they’re tiny. If you can imagine a fancy pen — the commemorative kind you get when you graduate from high school — that is the size you are looking at. There are few parts to assemble but they cost around $80, give or take $10. Herbal or oil capacity is small. A Micro G and Trippy Stix are two examples.

    Personal vaporizers like the PAX are also small but not pen-shaped. Several companies have created discrete vaporizers one might mistake for a cell phone, walkie-talkie, or an inhaler. The Puffit resembles asthma medication in color, size, and shape. The newer Puffit-X is the first portable forced-air vaporizer. A Davinci Ascent could be mistaken for a sleek portable phone. Iolite vaporizers have the look of a handheld radio with an antenna.

    They are quiet, fit into a pocket in your bag, and come with rechargeable batteries or replaceable butane tanks in the case of Iolite devices. Their antennae are made of glass or silicone and fold or slide away into the body when a device is not in use.

    Comparing Tabletop and Portable Vaporizers

    Now it’s crunch time. Do you pick a funky little portable thing that is as novel as it is ingenious and convenient, or do you go for a desktop monster that does everything? That’s not the right question. You choose both: one for home, one for the road.

    Instead, ask yourself what your priorities are. A few portable units vaporize dry and wet ingredients. Many only vaporize one or the other. Numerous tabletop units handle both.

    Several vaporizers are made with glass pathways and ceramic heating elements, but some are made from heat-resistant plastic and stainless steel. They contain ceramic and/or glass elements, but there is the risk of vapor flavor being tinged with metal or plastic. Read reviews of products and you can tell which ones seal off a neutral vapor pathway from materials that interfere.

    Check for features like the cooling coil. The Plenty by S&B is made with a coil that cools vapor between the chamber and the mouthpiece. Select a device that provides plenty of tubing so you aren’t crammed in close to the mod (which can happen with box mods).

    Think about noise: is the fan notoriously loud or have engineers devised a quiet system, or perhaps multiple fan speeds? Is there a pass-through feature, meaning one can vaporize and charge a battery at the same time? Can the battery be removed from the unit or is it built in?

    Is temperature adjustable? If so, how is it adjusted (digitally or using a dial) and what is the temperature range? Usually the top temperature is 400 to 420F. The lowest is slightly above 200F. Find out how long it takes a device to heat up. Many portable units require just a few seconds to reach vaporizing temperature.

    A common refrain among reviewers refers to the ease of filling the chamber. Several models make this difficult. The chamber is too narrow or angled wrong. Access is tough. On the Ascent, the bottom part swings out to reveal the chamber and makes access easy for emptying, refilling, and cleaning.

    Starter Packages

    When you buy a vaporizer new from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, it comes as part of a package. Other pieces inside the box usually include cleaning items and screens. If you buy a vaporizer and it doesn’t come with these things, it’s probably not being sold by an authorized dealer. It might be used. Be careful about your supplier. Unauthorized dealers cannot provide warranties which you might need for replacing expensive hardware that arrives in bad shape, or DOA batteries. Starter kits are also good value. Buying just the vaporizer and adding cleaning supplies later is always costlier.

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  • Juice Mafia Review: Harmless But Full Of Flavor

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    Don’t get the wrong idea about Juice Mafia: it’s not what you think. Their store in South Bend, Indiana, only sells e-liquid and e-cigs and doesn’t put out contracts on users of other juices and stores (at least I don’t think so). Their e-liquids are made in the United States. Top selling items are listed on the right in case you are having trouble deciding on a flavor. Current favorites are Vanilla Custard, Tropical Tobacco, and Turkish Tobacco.

    JuiceMafia.comE-Liquids by Juice Mafia

    In this Juice Mafia review, I will mention a handful of the many flavors fitting different profiles, sometimes two at a time. Tropical Tobacco, for instance, takes you a long way from what you once identified as tobacco when you smoke cigarettes.

    Find yourself landing on a deserted island with a vape that tastes of tobacco with cocoa and coconut. Express Line brings you the smoothness of English Tobacco with hints of hazelnut and vanilla. Express Line is part of the White Label Premium Line costing $6.99 for 10mls in glass bottles.

    Desserts like Raspberry Truffle (chocolate and raspberry), Apple Pie, and Vanilla Lemon Swirl take their lead from real foods, but these are reduced to vapor which has no calories and is, thus, guilt-free. Mandarin Cream plays with the idea of an orangesicle; that favorite hot-weather treat. They could be classified as dessert or fruit vapes. Most of these (except the last item) are also part of the White Label Premium Line.

    A popular trend among vape makers is to simulate energy drinks. Toro Blue is one such, a blueberry-candy energy drink.

    Juice Mafia bottles liquids in 10ml, 30ml, and 50ml formats, the smallest of which costs $5.99 for standard flavors. It’s a great price when you compare this brand with most others. Nicotine increments rise by 3mg at a time from 0 to 12, then by 6mg to 24mg. You can add a flavor boost for $0.50.

    Select a single bottle or buy a sample pack. What is the good of a sample pack? You see them listed by juice vendors all the time and they offer customers a way to taste multiple flavors without paying as much as they would have for individual bottles. It’s a kind of advertising in one way, encouraging consumers to widen their experience, but also a sign of consideration towards consumers.

    Electronic Cigarettes and Gear

    Another great thing about Juice Mafia is the prices for their hardware. An EHPro Sentinel costs $32.99. Pay $54.99 for the Vamo V5. A Single Starter Kit costs just $23.99 with a zipper case. A 900mAh eGo battery is priced $10.99. These are excellent price tags.

    Replace your Smok RBC Tank for just $4.99. They have many other parts and accessories to satisfy a wide range of vapers at various levels, whether you are a new vaper or an advanced one.

    More at Juice Mafia

    The website is organized to show featured items (including nicotine juice, e-cig parts, and accessories) with headings for sale items and t-shirts too. If you like Juice Mafia, you can promote this Indiana business by getting dressed in the morning.

    Juice Mafia: the Company

    Juice Mafia was begun by people who used to smoke then started vaping, only to discover how much sub-standard juice was being passed off as e-liquid. They were unsatisfied, to put it mildly, enough so that it seemed like a good idea to try and make nicotine juice independently. From there a business bloomed. Juice Mafia sells its e-liquids wholesale in bottles featuring black cell-block font on a white background.

    Their Facebook Features

    Even though Juice Mafia has its own website which is very easy to use, don’t let that stop you from visiting them on Facebook. This is where the community is and also a place to discover Juice Mafia’s contests and promotions.

    Eager to Please

    Juice Mafia really wants to hear from customers and would-be customers. They make it easy to get in touch by providing multiple contact options: old-fashioned and new-fangled ones.


    Review of Vapor Zone

    Review of Space Jam Juice

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  • Space Jam Robo Fuel Review: Orange County Favorite

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    Explore websites for California vape stores or hit brick-and-mortar locations and read menus. Space Jam Robo Fuel is everywhere. The makers of this e-liquid have also designed a new label of e-liquid, but their original endeavor portrays vaping in a futuristic but also humorous light. Their labeling is something like a cross between Star Trek and Dr. Who; funny but also fantastic. If these guys don’t love Battle Star Galactica and Star Wars, I will be shocked.

    Final Frontier

    Here are the names of their liquids just to give you a taste of where their minds are at. They are Omega, Eclipse, Pluto, Galactica, Andromeda, Starship 1, and Astro. Galactica is the newest item on their menu, so new that hardly any of their online distributors are offering it for sale yet. Their original was the Andromeda. With Starship 1, it might cross your mind to wonder if the mixologists at Space Jam Robo Fuel are leaving themselves open for a sequel.

    spacejamjuice.comSpace Jam Robo Fuel Review

    One great thing about this small company from Orange County in California is that they are so popular, reviews abound. If you want to get a feel for their quality before testing their vape juice at an e-juice bar, click on Youtube. This stuff is all over the place.

    Starship 1 is rated by some as, surprisingly, the best Space Jam flavor. I say surprisingly because the combination is so unusual: custard and kiwi. Vanilla custard on its own make sense: there’s a whole body of custard fans seeking the ideal vape. Adding kiwi to vanilla, however, makes my taste buds wonder what would happen. Apparently, the fresh citrus of kiwi cuts through the heaviness of custard to create an all-day vape.


    If you like fruits then this could be one of your preferred Space Jam Robo Fuel vapes. Pomegranate and Blueberry form a super-pairing. Imagine the drink “Pom” and similar juice mixtures, and you can conjure the darkness of this e-liquid.


    It might not be a planet anymore, but Space Jam Robo Fuel vape makers still rate it enough to name a juice after Pluto. In e-liquid land it becomes melon bubblegum with mint.


    This is a lovely, light flavor. Astro blends apple and strawberry; sweet and tart. The two fruits complement each other well: one is fleshy, the other juicy.


    If you thought there was no room for tobacco in a Space Jam e-liquid, think again. Cavendish tobacco is blended with sweet vanilla custard: it’s Starship 1 all over, but with kiwi removed. This fine tobacco and vanilla complement each other beautifully.


    A point has been made in descriptions of Omega that Space Jam Robo Fuel makers have used natural peach flavoring, which mixes here with cream and sweet vanilla. It’s not quite custard, but heavier than a straight fruit vape like Astro. By implication, are all other flavorings unnatural?


    It took some time to choose, develop, and refine a new flavor, but at last the public will soon have this lightly sweet hibiscus/cranberry tea flavor in their hands. It’s a strong one.


    Most of the juices, as you can see, are sweet and fruity in some way. Every one of them is available in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24mg nicotine formats. Space Jam Robo Fuel is bottled in 15-ml glass with vibrant, cosmic labels. The company welcomes you to what they term “The Final Frontier of Vaping.”


    Our Review Of Vapor Zone

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  • DC Vapor Review: One Stop Vape Shopping

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    You might wonder if “DC” stands for Washington DC, and it does. DC Vapor got its start in 2013 near the nation’s capital and moved on to open stores in Maryland, Florida, and Asia. Currently, they operate from Bradenton and Tampa, Florida, Wheaton and Rockville in Maryland, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you do not live near any of those cities, DC Vapor also sells a full range of electronic cigarette products online.

    DCVapor.comDC Vapor Review

    Arrange things so your order reaches or exceeds $50 every time you place one, even if that means asking friends to place orders with yours. This way shipping is free. $50 is a pretty low figure actually, with some firms setting their minimum at $100 or not offering free shipping under any circumstances. In some cases this can affect the overall price of your product in favor of DC Vapor.

    Aspire Nautilus

    The Aspire Nautilus with adjustable airflow, a Pyrex tank and stainless steel fixtures costs $39.99. Heads for the Nautilus are $15.99 for five rated 1.6ohms. This sounded pricey to me, so I checked a few other items.

    More High Prices

    A Vamo V5 costs $79.99, but this is a kit. This comes with a wall charger, battery, and atomizer. Still, the Vamo V5 usually costs about half that. Even as part of a kit, I would be inclined to call $80 too high.

    The 510 Ohm reader for $19.99 is a little overpriced. An eGo C-Twist is $24.99 for 900mAh. It’s not great pricing, but maybe just a dollar or two over the normal. An iTaste MVP 2.0 sells for about $55 elsewhere so the DC price of $59.99 is too high by about $5 (except that free shipping might change the balance).

    Smok’s Genesis style atomizer, the RSST, goes for $34.99. That is too much. So far, DC Vapor gets low marks for pricing, though how their prices rate regarding other devices is harder to determine. Some items, like the Tobh Atty RDA, 101 Copper Mechanical Mod V2, and Surfrider V2 are outside the mainstream. There are not many comparisons to help you make a wise decision.

    Mods at DC Vapor

    The Tobh costs $84.99. A 101 Copper Mod sells for $179.99. Pay about $170 for a Surfrider V2. They are authentic devices, not clones, so they are never going to be cheap.

    Aethertech’s Plumeveil sells for $109.99. These are all high-end items you expect to be charged more for. Do your studying, though: boutique or not, you should not pay more than you have to.

    Chi You is better known than The Tobh or Surfrider. Pre-orders are underway for their Megan 318, priced $259. This is touted as the first 26650 mod by Mojos. Chi You is an excellent brand, often copied by Chinese manufacturers.

    Normal Prices and User-Friendly Devices

    Beginners are not left in the cold at DC Vapor. Their Total Vapor Double Kit containing two tanks and two batteries costs $59.99. That is not the absolute best price: you could pay ten dollars less for roughly the same gear. A 123 Starter Kit for $34.99 comes with e-liquid, so that’s a plus. I consider it classy when a vapor dealer adds e-liquid to starter kits. A lot of them do not make this small but considerate addition.

    Something a little special in the regular price range is the Affinity Tank. Paying $39.99 sounds like a lot for a tank, but like the Nautilus (for the same price) an Affinity tank is made of Pyrex, this time with aluminum instead of stainless steel fittings. While stainless steel is sturdier, the novelty of an Affinity Tank is its shape. The colored caps are hexagonal. This is not just for the sake of looks but also to stop the tank from rolling when you set it down.

    E-Liquid at DC Vapor

    Every juice on the list is a US-made concoction by a reputable brand; a virtual household name in the e-cig world. They have Uncle Junks, Blue Print, Total Vapor, and Jackson Vapor. You can buy Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, Dr. Mike’s, and Standard. Purchase Vape Addict or Vape Chemist (presumably, the chemist could help the addict). Many of these brands come from vape central (Southern California), the breeding ground for top notch vapes.

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  • Urus Cigs Review: The Bull

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    According to a variety of online dictionaries, “urus”‘ is an old name for a type of wild ox. Urus is represented on e cig packets as a red and grey bull. Don’t get confused: the Urus e cig line does not make energy drink-flavored cartridges (reminiscent of Red Bull). The bull perhaps represents power, like the power to puff on e cigs for a long time, a powerful battery, powerful flavor, and the power of vapers and the e cig industry to live through the FDA regulating process.

    UrusCigs.comA Urus Cigs Review: Electronic, Smokeless Smoking

    Each Urus battery takes about 2 hours to charge, which is standard for its type. Batteries cost $12.75 on their own and look like analogs. They contain 220mAh, which is impressive for a mini cig but will probably make them a little heavy.

    Two Starter Kits at Urus

    Regular prices for Urus starter kits are overkill: you will see why in a minute. Sale prices, such as $24.95 for their introductory Starter Kit, are more reasonable. This kit comes with a slim matte case in white (menthol) or black (tobacco), a mini USB charger, one battery, and three 1.8% cartos.

    The Premium Kit for $34.95 is a little bigger and better with an AC adapter and regular USB charger, one battery, 3 cartos, and a five-pack of any flavor from their selection of 5. That kind of price is just fine considering there are 8 cartos but just one battery.

    There’s always some give and take with e cigs. Should companies provide extra cartridges or more batteries? What is more important: competitive pricing or a convenient bundle? Urus could remove three cartridges, stick with 5, and add a battery for their original price.

    The Flaw in their System

    Unfortunately, with a single battery the usual e cig user will be constantly frustrated. He needs that second battery or his vaping will be cut short every day. The only option he has with Urus is to buy one separately. This is not a hardship if the sale price continues: maybe it will last. Otherwise, having to pay full price and buy the second battery is a poor deal.

    Limited Flavors at Urus

    The company, for some strange reason, sells just five flavors of e liquid refills. It’s as if they have not heard customers begging other brands with twice as many carto styles for more choices. A selection of Menthol Fresh, Premium tobacco, Cherry Blast, Coffee Blend, and Apple Delight represents several of the most popular e cig cartomizer flavors. They are missing chocolate and vanilla. When you buy cartridges, the e juice recipe is located inside, but you can see it online too on the FAQ page: vegetable oil, nicotine, propylene glycol, and food flavoring.

    Disposable E Cigs

    At $6.95, these are excellent value. They are supposed to equal up to 2 packs of cigarettes and are packaged in a reusable box, so that could double as a case for storage purposes. Otherwise, those starter kit packages are firm and rounded along the edges. E cigs at Urus, however, are hard-skinned. Between your lips they feel nothing like a cigarette. Real cigs are soft.

    Urus does not provide a recycling option but they encourage customers to throw their disposables into a recycling bin at the end of their life. Disposables should last for 300 puffs or so.

    Refills for Urus E Cigs

    Purchase 5′s, choose a twin pack, or buy the sample pack. A sampler costs $29.95 with two of each, so that is probably the best deal. Doubles are priced $7.99 and are packaged in long tubes, like the ones many e cig disposables are stored in, ensuring freshness and cleanliness. This works out to $4 for each cartridge.

    Tobacco and Menthol refills cost $14.99 for 5, but the sale price for those other three flavors was $12.75. The sale price is decent; $14.99 is above average. Select 1.8%, 2.4%, or nicotine-free cartridges.

    Customers who have tried these flavors have mixed reports. If you like sweet tobacco and menthol that tastes of minty gum, you are in for a treat. Smokers of real cigarettes dislike overly sweet tobacco. The cherry variety and apple are unappetizing. The one flavor that stands out as authentic is their coffee vape.

    Extra Features

    While one might be unhappy with their prices, each product comes with some kind of coupon. Disposables are packaged with rebates for starter kits, but starter kits are sent with larger rebates.

    Shipping is free if you can get your order to the $50 mark, so add a car charger for $9.99 or a wall adapter for $6.59. A second USB will cost $7.99: that’s always handy to have around. Since the case is supplied, you probably won’t want one more for $10.

    Many how-to pages post articles and videos. There’s just writing on the Urus website. If you learn best by watching, then that will be disappointing, but Urus is just a mini cig and they aren’t hard to get the hang of.

    Urus is located in Houston, Texas.




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  • A V2 Cigs Review: Always Growing

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    The options at V2 Cigs continue to expand and grow so that now besides V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture, and the V2 Cigs EX series, V2 will be selling the V2 Pro. This is a 3-in-1 vaporizer designed to accept e-liquid, wax, and dry-herb cartridges. Find out more about the exciting lineup in this V2 Cigs review.

    V2 ProBecome a Pro

    Beginning with the Pro, take a look at what engineers and designers can do when they put their minds to it. The Pro uses a magnetic system so that cartridges can be attached and taken off of the battery effortlessly. There is no screwing and unscrewing of batteries and cartridges.

    While one unit is being cleaned, another can go in its place. This enables multiple users to take turns using their favorite blends or allows the user to clean one cartridge while another is attached. Watch V2′s website for upcoming additions including herbs.

    The Pro 3-in-1 is not quite ready for sale, but this summer it’s coming.

    Six Starter Kits

    V2 Cigs carries six starter kits. They contain from 6 to 25 flavor cartridges, 1, 2, 3, or 4 batteries, and each one contains a USB charger. All but the Beginners’ Kit is packaged with an AC adapter. There are other variations as the prices climb.

    For example, the E-Liquid Standard Kit is for use with EX blanks and EX batteries only. This contains 3 blanks and 2 batteries plus the charging kit and 2 bottles of V2 Cigs e-liquid.

    A V2 Standard Plus and the Ultimate Kit are both PCC packages, but the Ultimate is sent with the larger PCC vs. the smaller one packaged in a V2 Standard set. If the client upgrades his kit to an EX kit as opposed to the Classic, each kit comes with the XL PCC because the Standard one cannot accept extra-large EX batteries.

    Ex SeriesUnderstanding the EX System

    EX batteries are not all that big themselves. They sit between standard and long Classic batteries in size and performance to provide 280mAh and about 300 puffs. EX cartomizers, however, hold twice as much e-liquid as their counterparts in spite of their modest size.

    Cartomizers for the EX series feature a viewing window down one side. Buy the kit in Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Royale, or Bloom. Mix and match batteries and cartos of different patterns/colors or go for a sleek unified look.

    When you upgrade from the Classic system to an EX package, the additional cost will be between $20 and $40.

    Cartomizers for V2 Cigs

    V2 Cigs occasionally adds a flavor to their lineup, the current one being Mint Chocolate Truffle. A package of 5 for the Classic e cig costs $10.33. This and the gourmet flavors from V2 Cigs work exclusively with the Classic battery, but EX pre-filled cartomizers are available in 6 flavors; three menthol/mint styles and three types of tobacco. The gourmet selection includes vanilla, cherry, grape, cola, coffee, and chocolate.

    Blank cartomizers are also available in both sizes. V2 Cigs sells e-liquid to go with them and also carries a number of Zig-Zag flavors.

    Select a custom flavor of cartomizers and buy a 100-piece set for $233.51. V2 Cigs makes some suggestions based on what clients have ordered before, but go with what you want. Just don’t be crazy: custom cartridges are not eligible for exchanges or refunds.

    E-liquid at V2 Cigs

    The flavors include those listed already and also Zig-Zag Dragonberry, Island Breeze, Mango, Clove, Traditional Tobacco, or Menthol. A 25-ml bottle of V2 liquid costs $17.59 but 50 ml is even better value at $31.08.

    Accessories from V2

    Buy a beautiful soft carry case to organize items and keep them clean for $20.70, which is also the price of a hard case. A V2 Power Cig costs $25.89 with 5 cartomizers.

    If you are not familiar with power cigs, these are ingenious devices. They are especially handy if you work at a computer because they operate by being plugged into a USB port rather than using a battery. As a result, your battery can be on charge but with the power cig nothing will stop you from vaping through your work day as usual.

    Those PCC’s mentioned above (portable charging cases) are $51.84 and $62.22 each. They charge a single battery and hold cartridges at the same time while lights on the outside indicate how full the battery’s charge is.

    Disposable E Cigs

    V2 Cigs are popular around the country so you will probably see singles sold in gas stations. Online, however, the company sells them in bundles of 5 costing $31.08. Zig Zag disposables are on sale for even less making these the best deal of the moment, but you can only buy tobacco or menthol.

    Affiliates and Loyalty Points

    Every purchase with V2 Cigs earns customers loyalty points which can be converted to money for use only on the V2 Cigs website. Add them up and you could earn enough money to receive free goodies.

    The affiliate marketing program provides another way to pay for your goods. Although affiliates can take the money and run, many people use this kind of marketing program just to earn enough so they can vape free of charge.

    Assessing the Best

    V2 Cigs is often considered the best e cig company in the United States. They have spread around the world and continue to offer one of the best customer service experiences customers will ever know. Their array of products is extensive and continues to adapt with the changing expectations and suggestions of customers. As their research and development team watches trends, V2 responds.

    Some of their prices are excellent. Starter kit bundles are a good example and help clients to realize tremendous savings. Their cartomizers are among the cheapest. EX batteries, though they are necessary for matching with EX cartomizers, do not provide the best value. Classics providing the same power are cheaper, but not as pretty.

    Their PCCs are extremely over-priced. Apart from the fact that they look so good, there is nothing exceptional about them to explain those high price tags.

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  • A VaporZone Review: Still Going Strong

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    In the short time since Vapor Zone burst onto the e-cig scene, they have offered just a little bit of innovation to their existing line. Not much needed to be changed: the products have received excellent customer reviews. Their liquid, in particular, is popular and affordable. Here is a Vapor Zone review of how things stand today.

    Vapor Zone Products

    Vapor Zone sells six types of electronic cigarettes representing beginner, intermediate, and advanced e-cig consumers. The only style of vaporizing device they do not sell is a fully mechanical mod. Vapor Zone also carries e-liquid, pre-filled cartridges, and accessories. They sell gift certificates in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250. These are wonderful gifts from non-smokers or vapers who want their smoking friends to give up cigarettes and try e-cigs from an American company.

    Benefits to Vapor Zone

    An affiliate program from Vapor Zone is free to join. Affiliates earn 10% on e-liquid sales and 25% on sales of starter kits, accessories, and cartridges associated with their accounts. An affiliate does not handle products or money but promotes Vapor Zone on their websites, blogs, and using social media.

    There is a refer-a-friend incentive whereby any sales originating from such a referral are rewarded. The advice-giving friend receives a $15 gift certificate. Reward points (exchangeable for Vapor Zone products) come from referring friends, writing reviews, and shopping with Vapor Zone.

    US-made e-liquid is kosher, USP, comes with lot numbers, and is safe for people with nut allergies. Their lab and formulae are FDA-registered and flavorings are GRAS-approved, better than food-grade. Lot numbers connect batches of liquid to the bottle in your hand. They have an amazing line of e-liquids, where you can customize literally 1,000′s of different blends. South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke clients can also buy Vapor Zone on those websites because all three belong to the same parent company: International Vapor Group.

    VaporZone KitsStarter Kits at Vapor Zone

    Not a lot has changed where starter kits are concerned. They still include the Express, Pro, Air, Jet, Pulse, and Rebel electronic cigarettes. Prices range from $29.99 to $179.99, ensuring there is a product at every price point so that every smoker can consider Vapor Zone as an alternative to cigarettes.

    Each kit comes with one or two rechargeable batteries and a sleek, well-designed e-cig product. In spite of many reviews wondering why Vapor Zone does not supply a small sample bottle of e-liquid and many calls for them to do so, they still don’t do it.

    E-liquid is sold separately, so it’s a good thing their hardware is priced affordably. At least they make a point of directing clients that they should add cartridges or liquid to their orders.

    Starter kit product listings also lack some of the technical specifications you want to see, but is overall well laid out as is the whole website. Vapor Zone runs a user-friendly web page with excellent graphics.

    The only two, very slight product changes at Vapor Zone involve colors. The 350mAh Air is now available in black or white. Mix the battery and tank (when purchasing accessories) or continue to match them as they arrived in the starter kit.

    The Pro was once a black-only device but now comes in multiple colors, including platinum. While not of technical significance, color had bearing on the ability to compete. Kanger, JoyeTech, and Vision sell equivalent eGo batteries in multiple colors.

    Vapor Zone is well known for its unusual designs, like the triangular Jet battery with a tiny screen, the elliptical Air, and the Pulse wireless circular charger.

    Personal Service

    Most proprietary e-cig companies offer internet-only sales unless you find their disposables and kits at corner stores. Vapor Zone brick-and-mortar stores operate all over Florida with two locations in Miami. Service is generally friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

    VaporZone's e-liquid flavorsE-Liquid at VaporZone

    Another feature of Vapor Zone (made famous by a controversial TV ad) is their e-liquid range. Over 30,000 flavors are available, but listing them all would make for a lot of onsite pages and a website that loaded very slowly.

    Rather than give customers tons of advice about what to order, they let clients blend for themselves. Select a pre-mixed flavor (of which there are several) or customize to something unique.

    For instance, a simple cinnamon flavor is available, but you could order a blend comprised of cinnamon and graham cracker. With the third flavor option add a different choice (vanilla, for instance), leave it blank, or double-up on one of those two. Add up to 1.8% nicotine or get rid of nicotine: you’re an ex-smoker, it’s not necessary anymore.

    Their pre-mixed choices sound yummy and diverse. They have a Totally Toffee Tobacco, Fresh Mint, and Cuban Cigar. Juicy Fruit blends watermelon and strawberry. A Fancy Latte is like those hazelnut-vanilla coffee drinks you buy for $5 at a café. Banana Split and My Birthday Cake are two more of many. To make selecting easier, choose a heading such as tobacco or desserts.

    Customers only feel limited when they are still new vapers using the Express and buying pre-filled cartridges. Vapor Zone only carries five flavors. Each five-pack, 1 ml per cartridge, costs the same as 30 ml: $14.99. It’s unlikely you will want to stick with pre-filled cartridges for long seeing this price difference and the much wider variety of flavors available if you are willing to fill cartridges yourself.

    A new three-pack sampler costs $24.99 for three 10-ml bottles: more than 30 ml, but with the option of buying less of each flavor and trying a few at a time. Consumers sometimes complain that smaller bottles aren’t available: that to experiment they have to buy so much and pay $15. The price is excellent for the volume, but wasted (like the liquid) if the customer doesn’t like it.

    News for Vapor Zone

    There isn’t any recent news about the company, but if you visit their “News” heading, they list archived segments from WSVN and NBC6 South Florida. Theirs is also a very social and communicative company if you want to call, email, or visit Facebook.

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